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At, we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide to all our clients. As a result of our high quality of service, we rarely receive complaints about our service. However, when they arise, we treat them very seriously and will do everything possible to improve our service to you. If you are not satisfied with our service quality, you can make a complaint via telephone or in writing through e-mail, and we will respond in respect to the regulations of the Compensation Act 2006.

If we believe your complaint was made outside of the six-month time limit for lodging a complaint, we reserve the right to consider your request. In this case, we will apply our discretion and let you know – in writing – if we will consider your complaint.

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will acknowledge it within five business days via written or electronic process. We will confirm the identity of the person who will handle your complaint for the business. When a complaint is made, we ensure that the person handling your matter was not directly involved and is able to provide a logical and reasonable resolution.

Within eight weeks of receipt of your complaint, you will receive:

a) A final and comprehensive response and resolution to the matter; or

b) A holding response. This will explain why we are yet to provide a final response and indicate when we will provide more information on the matter; or

c) Inform you that your complaint may be referred to the Legal Ombudsman for further consideration.

If we believe that a redress would be appropriate, we will offer a fair compensation to cover for any actions for which we are responsible. Redress will not always be a financial settlement.

If you are still dissatisfied with our response, or if a resolution is not reached after eight weeks, you may forward your complaint to:

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