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If you or your loved one have received negligent treatment during your visit to a dentist or whilst undergoing a dental procedure, you are within your right to make dental negligence claims.

All healthcare practitioners owe a duty of care to their patients, and when this duty is breached, it may warrant medical negligence claims. When you visit your dentist to seek dental advice or treatment, you have done nothing wrong by trusting them to provide you with the best solution their professional experience and knowledge can afford. If such trust is broken, you do not have to suffer unnecessarily in silence. You can make a claim for compensation.

We are aware how poor treatment decisions and avoidable mistakes from medical professionals affect their victims and we understand your reason for wanting to pursue a medical negligence claim. Your settlement award can go a long way to help you get the medical assistance you require and set you on your way to a full recovery and our promise is to help you get through it all.

Dental Negligence Claims We Handle

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Dental negligence occurs when a dentist falls short of providing the right standard of dental care obtainable within their practice, causing a patient to suffer harm, injury or a worsened dental condition. Dental negligence may occur in form of an incorrect diagnosis, a missed diagnosis or an improper treatment given.

The effects of dental negligence vary from less complex to life altering permanent damages. In these circumstances, patients suffer terribly and can only find closure by seeking justice through medical negligence claims.

Forms Of Dental Negligence

Dental negligence can exist in one of the following ways below:

  • Extracting the wrong tooth
  • Filling the wrong tooth
  • Avoidable mistakes leading to multiple teeth loss or damage
  • Restorative dentistry errors
  • Lack of informed consent before carrying out certain procedures
  • Unnecessary damage to teeth or teeth removal
  • Misdiagnosed dental condition
  • Missed diagnosis of a dental condition
  • Delayed diagnosis of a dental condition
  • Wrong treatment administration or prescription errors
  • Incorrectly fitting crowns or bridges
  • Use of substandard products and techniques in a dental procedure
  • Incorrect anaesthesia administration
  • Nerve damage during procedure
  • Failure to advise or refer to specialist when necessary
  • Mistakes from inadequate interpretation of x-rays and test results
  • Negligent root canal treatment
  • Cosmetic dentistry negligence

Proving Dental Negligence Claims

Before the action of your dentist can be considered negligent, you must be able to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the dentist was directly responsible for your injury or complication. The parts of negligence that ought to be proven includes:

  • Duty (there was an existing dentist-patient relationship and your dentist owed you a duty of care)
  • Deviation (your dentist deviated or breached the duty of care owed to you)
  • Direct causation (the breach of duty by your dentist has directly caused you pain, trauma or a worsened condition)
  • Damages (as a result of the negligent treatment from your dentist, you have suffered damage and other losses both financially and psychologically)

Making Dental Negligence Claim

Medical negligence claims are not the most straightforward types of lawsuits as “negligence” can be very difficult to prove in some cases. You can trust our specialist negligence solicitors, who have are well versed in bringing medical negligence claims to ensure a smooth and stress-free process for you; whether you are claiming against the NHS or a private healthcare practitioner.

Our hassle-free processes involves:

Speaking with a solicitor

First step to take is to reach out to us as soon as possible. A solicitor will be assigned to you, who would listen to you and evaluate your case. If we are convinced that you have a valid claim, we will proceed to advise you on the next steps to take.

Funding Your Claim

You will be advised on the various funding options available to you. We would like to explicitly state that convinced that we have a strong claim, we handle the majority of our dental negligence claims on a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee). This simply means that you do not have to make any upfront legal fees throughout the entire claims process, and this agreement also covers you in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

Present Your Facts and Evidence

Once agreement on funding has been made, we will proceed to gather relevant documents (as evidence) to back up your claims. Some of the relevant documents/information we would need include:

  • Detailed statement of all events that transpired between you and your dentist, including the information of the dentist. Here, you would also state how you have been affected by the outcome of the negligent treatment.
  • All dental records including test results and x-rays or scan result (where applicable)
  • Witness statements from family, close relatives or friends
  • Proof of financial losses ( for example receipts)
  • Photographs of your dental injury
  • Reports from an independent expert dentist

If you are unable to obtain all of the information above, our team will be more than glad to assist you. Call in today or fill out our free claims assessment form.

Submission of Letter Of Claim

Having gathered all evidence and establishing the negligent act, we will present your case and communicate your intentions to the defendant party through a “letter of claim”. The defendant will respond by carrying out their own investigation and eventually give us a reply accepting or denying liability.


After liability is accepted, we will proceed to negotiate a worthy settlement value on your behalf putting all the factors of your claim into consideration.

Additionally in the case where liability is denied, your case will go to trial and be presided over by a competent judge before compensation is awarded. If we undertake your claims on a No Fee No Win Policy, at the end of your claim (when compensation has been awarded) we will charge a success fee - usually 25% of your total compensation value.

How Is My Dental Negligence Claims Compensation Calculated?

When it comes to compensation for medical negligence claims, certain factors come into play. Before compensation value is reached, the following are considered:

  • The type and location of the dental injury
  • The severity of the dental injury
  • How your injury affects your general wellbeing
  • Financial losses incurred as a result of the injury
  • Future Prognosis
  • Travel expenses and cost of external medical treatments

What is the time limit for making dental negligence claims?

While you are looking at making a dental negligence claim, whether you are claiming for general damages or special damages, it is important to act quickly as there are time limits for making claims.

For most medical negligence claims, there is a statutory 3 year time limit for bringing claims. This time applies from the moment you noticed your injury or when you realized the injury indeed resulted from the negligent action of your dental care provider.

Why choose us

We have dedicated solicitors who are among the UK finest in medical negligence claims. Our legal experts have a wealth of experience and expertise in all forms of dental negligence claims and have helped victims secure worthy compensations for dental negligence.

With us on your medical negligence case, you can rest assured that you are one step closer to getting the justice you deserve. We will prepare your case in the best possible way and develop a solid claim for you, so much so that likelihood of the defendant, contesting their wrongdoing is reduced.

Our consultation sessions are free and you can also afford our top legal representation without any cost to you under our No win No Fee agreement. Give us a call today you reach out to us as soon as possible.

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