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    The NHS tries to render the best service to its patients, but sometimes mistakes can happen out of sheer negligence by staff members or the hospital itself. If you sustained severe injury directly from the negligent actions of a medical professional, you may be able to make a claim.

    You may be eligible to claim if the hospital or doctor owes you a duty of care which they breached, causing your situation to worsen. You may begin by going through the NHS complaint procedure to make a formal complaint. Contact one of our solicitors to look into your case while you seek legal advice.

  • If you believe you are eligible to make a claim, there are various funding options you can decide to access depending on your case. If you have a strong case against the nhs, you could claim on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee funding means that you won't be charged any legal fees upfront until you win your case. Speak to one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors to know if there are other funding options available to you.

  • Your final compensation award will largely depend on the severity of the damage or injury done to you by a negligent nhs staff or hospital. All medical negligence claims vary, which means that more complicated cases may get larger amounts in settlement than less severe cases that do not involve wrongful death or permanent disability.

    You are entitled to claim for general damages which is the amount of compensation awarded for your suffering and injury. Special damages can also be factored into your compensation claim to cover any other loss or expenses you incurred as a result of negligence. Try out our medical negligence claims calculator to know how much your claim may be worth.

  • You can make a claim on behalf of a loved one that died as a result of medical negligence in the nhs. In cases involving the loss of life, you must first seek legal advice from a solicitor who will represent you and assist you with all You Need To bring a successful claim. Our expert nhs claims solicitors will listen to your case and take you step by step through the legal procedures.

  • Generally, a claim should be made within 3 years from the day the incident occurred which led to your injury or the date you noticed that your pain was caused by a negligent nhs professional. But, there are a few exceptions to the three years time limit for claiming on behalf of a juvenile or a deceased relative.

    The three years time limit does not apply where a claim involves a child. They can only begin a claim from their 18th birthday. To claim on behalf of the deceased, the case must be filed within 3 years from the date of death. In some cases the court can decide to pursue a claim outside the general time limit especially if the claimant is not in the right mental capability to do so.

  • A simple nhs negligence claim under clear circumstances could typically take between 18 months to 2 years to reach settlement. On the other hand, complex cases can take longer than three years to settle depending on the severity of the damage done to the victim.

    However, more complicated cases that end up in court could take between 3 and 4 years to reach a compensation settlement. Most medical negligence claims in the NHS are settled before they reach court proceedings, only a fraction may end up in litigation. Our nhs negligence solicitors will answer any other questions you may have about your claim, contact us now.

  • Our experienced team of NHS solicitors can help you figure out what you may be able to claim for, including the compensation amount if you have a valid NHS negligence claim. They will get you the maximum compensation you deserve for general damages for your claim and suffering, and special damages such as medical expenses, loss of earnings, travel expenses, or cost of further medical treatments or therapy.

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